GWU: Employee attacked in school bathroom

There is concern on and around George Washington University’s campus after a masked man got into one of the school’s buildings and attacked an employee. It happened earlier this week in Rice Hall and now the school is taking action to protect students and faculty.

Police say the victim, a GW staff member, was working after hours Tuesday when a man attacked and attempted to sexually assault her in a third floor bathroom on Eye St.

“I think it’s horrible,” says Jessica Waters, a student. “It’s not the first time we’ve heard of something like this. It is alarming.”

The man got away and the victim called the police. Students were notified by email of the crime and warned to be vigilant.

A university police officer was posted Thursday in the administration building’s front lobby. Faculty and staff are urged to be cautious.

“What we’re encouraging people to do is only let people in the building who have a GWorld identification card that they can prove that they are either faculty members, a student or an employee of GW,” says Darrell Darnell.

Campus police are working with MPD to find the masked attacker. In the meantime, students and staff are concerned.

“We possibly could use some more security at the front desk, checking badges and IDs that you belong to the university,” says Monica McGhee, an employee.

“I am a little surprised, but being in the city I guess there are so many different things you have to worry about,” says Julia Lawson, a student. “I just hope it doesn’t happen again and no one gets hurt.”