GW Parkway: Park Police investigate possible rocks being thrown at cars

(WJLA) - For road-weary drivers tired of ice and snow, there’s a new hazard on GW Parkway. According to a police memo obtained by ABC7, something hard enough to break windows – possibly rocks – is being thrown at cars whizzing by.

So far there have been no injuries, but quarter-sized dents in cars are enough to leave drivers upset.

"I think it's pretty creepy, awful," said Maryland resident Connie Lemon.

"It's kind of disturbing that somebody would throw rocks at car," added Patrick Tobey of Mt. Vernon.

The memo indicates that Park Police are investigating 16 incidents, which all took place since last August off the Parkway near 395, Reagan Airport, and the Roosevelt Bridge.

It states that someone is “firing projectiles from an unknown weapon-mechanism with the likely intent of causing damage to the vehicle.”

"Maybe in the future someone will get hurt, or there'll be a car crash or something...Need to catch that guy," said Maryland resident Calvin Law.

Cab driver Haileyesus Massekr says something similar has happened to him. The side panel of his car got dinged up last year by teen pranksters in the District:

"The kids are throwing snowballs like stones, smashed my window."

Most agree that at this time of year, there are already enough hazards on the road:

"You're going at a pretty good clip and someone throwing something at a car, you can really get hurt," said Patrick Tobey.