Glenda Aviles stabbed to death in Falls Church, police release photo of suspect

Homicide suspect Juan Ramon Matetu Figeroa

(WJLA) - Still in disbelief, Claudia Lopez showed up at the Falls Church house where her friend was staying to see if what she was hearing was true.

According to police, 28-year-old Glenda Aviles was found stabbed to death at this home on Wednesday off Westmoreland Road in Falls Church, where she was renting a room. Aviles was reported working two jobs in order to help her parents.

Fairfax County Police say relatives called authorities out of concern when they couldn’t reach her, but when they arrived at the home, no one answered the door and they didn’t find anything unusual. Officers returned to the home later that day, and that is when they found the victim’s body, which had been stabbed to death.

Esther Alexander lives nearby, and says she came outside when she saw the police and then ran into the victim’s sisters:

“They said ‘My sister has been missing for two days and her boyfriend threatened to kill her and we are worried about her.’”

Now, those who live in the area say they are on edge, knowing that the man police believe is responsible for the crime is still out there.

Police have since obtained an arrest warrant for murder against her boyfriend, Juan Ramon Matetu Figueroa, 35.