George Huguely's hometown reacts to guilty verdict

Former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely grew up in Chevy Chase in Montgomery County. He attended the prestigious all-boys Landon School in Bethesda and was an all-American lacrosse player and three-time honor roll student.

Wednesday night, area residents said the crime, no matter how regretful, claimed a life and for that Huguely should be punished.

"I wish he got first degree murder but at least he got convicted of murder and it seemed like that was pretty obvious from the get," said Gabe Leyshon, a Maryland resident.

"Obviously went too far with his anger and there's a price to pay for that," said Brian Margolis, a Virginia resident. "Certainly took a young lady's life away which was shocking and he got what he deserved sad as it may be."

"I think it was not premeditated but I do think he should not leave jail, ever, ever," said Mary Roberts, a Virginia resident. "I think to excuse him would be an atrocity to the family, to her family."

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