Garage assault caught on camera, suspect caught

(WJLA) - At Bone Jour Grooming in Montgomery County, workers still can’t believe what they are seeing on video.

Back in April of 2013, a fight started in this Bethesda garage – and someone recorded it. A man was beaten to the ground, and once he’s on the ground, the attackers continue to kick him – many times, in the head.

Investigators are still unclear as to what sparked the fight, but know that those involved had been drinking, and that there were some words exchanged before the brawl.

Prosecutors credit the work of Dylan Rawls, who we talked to by phone.

"I rounded the corner. It'd be hard to call it a fight. I saw that going on," he said.

Rawls says he simply tried to calm down the aggressors, not really sure what was happening:

"What I saw was inexcusable...Shocking that a guy would not stop when the other person is unconscious."

Officers say that without the intervention of that particular young man, the victim would almost certainly have been beaten to death.

On Thursday night, Niccolla Manzanero, whom investigators say stomped on the victim repeatedly, was convicted of attempted second-degree murder.

Manzanero has been in trouble with the law before, charged with handgun offenses and convicted with assault. He has done time in jail prior to this offense.