Frederick homes targeted in identity theft spree

New residents in a community in Frederick, Md. are asking themselves--why us? Over the past six weeks, six to eight homes have fallen victim to identity thefts.

Police say the thief or thieves have somehow stolen vital information from the victims such as names, addresses, social security and credit card numbers. They've taken that information, purchased thousands of dollars of merchandise and even opened up accounts in stores and charged away.

"Small amounts like a thousand dollars, two thousand dollars through Best Buy and places like that," said Lauren Hoch.

Most people here are just settling into their new homes and getting to know their neighbors. The most unnerving thing about it is that they don't know who is behind the crime, how they're getting away with it or when they might strike again.

"It is worrisome that somebody has come into the community and gotten personal information from our mailboxes, I bet," said one resident.

The mailboxes are outside the homes but nobody knows how the crime is being committed.

"You feel pretty vulnerable that it might happen to you," said a resident.

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