Frank Britton: D.C. actor says recovery has been painful after brutal attack

(WJLA) - Despite a strong spirit, D.C. area actor Frank Britton says he is still in horrible pain after a group of men beat him up and robbed him in Silver Spring after Britton's opening night performance at the Round House Theater early last Tuesday morning.

Among other injuries, Britton’s cheekbone was shattered, and he is now recovering at home while awaiting more surgeries. He spoke with ABC7 by phone on Monday:

“I am saving my strength for healing and getting myself together so I can get back to work."

As part of the aggressive investigation into who committed the random act of violence, D.C. police surrounded this home on 12th Street Northeast late last week.

Montgomery County Police tasked with finding the attackers announced that Frank Britton's belongings were found inside the house, and late Friday, police arrested 18-year-old Elijah Smith, who lives at the home, and charged him with robbery.

Now, the search continues for the others who also jumped Britton as he tried to hail a cab near the Silver Spring metro. As for Smith, he is sitting in a D.C. jail awaiting extradition to Maryland.

“For me I have no hatred...[it's] not who I am,” said Britton, who has no health insurance. However, the fear of facing of mountain of medical bills has been alleviated by a tidal wave of support from friends and colleagues and strangers alike who collectively raised more than $50,000 in six days.

Britton says his gratitude to the D.C. theater community is beyond description: “I am so thankful for everyone -- every single person."