Four more victims allege that Robert Weismuller sexually abused them

Four more victims of sexual abuse by a D.C. Public School teacher in the 1970s and 1980s have come forward as part of a complaint filed against him, officials say.

The victims all allege that former DCPS teacher Robert Weismiller engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships in addition to the one he had with a former student at the Transition Academy at Shadd whom he impregnated.

Two of the students described similar incidents during the 70s in Prince George's County. They say that Weismiller had sex with them multiple times in cars, motels and in classrooms and continued to contact them for many years afterward. One of the girls was 16 at the time and the other was 17.

The other two students were students at a Prince William County middle school during the 1980s. They say that Weismiller, then serving as a gym teacher, made inappropriate sexual advances. Court documents show that the district settled a suit over the incidents.

Ayanna Blue, the original complainant against Weismiller, says that former DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee knew that the teacher had sex with her but did nothing to prevent or curtail the abuse. Blue was 18 at the time of the abuse, and she says Weismiller was never reprimanded for his actions, even after an internal investigation.

"I would call Robert Weismiller a child molester. He told me not to tell anyone about our sexual relationship because he would be fired and his wife would leave him," Blue said in a statement. "I didn't know what to do and I was so mad and then the school principal told me later that he knew about Mr. Weismiller having sex with me and nobody tried to help me."

Blue later gave birth to a child. DNA tests proved that Weismiller fathered the baby.