Four cars stolen in Prince George's Co. in a single morning

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJLA) - Some drivers are guilty of doing this during the winter months: turning on the car to warm it up and leaving it unattended. And a few drivers learned why it's a bad thing to do after thieves stole four cars left running in Prince George's County in one morning.

“Went inside for just a few minutes, maybe five to ten minutes at most,” says Damian Jennifer.

Jennifer says that’s all it took for someone to steal his BMW in his Upper Marlboro neighborhood Monday morning after he started his car and went inside.

His aunt noticed something was wrong.

“I immediately went to the door,” he says. “My car is just gone.”

Unfortunately, Damian is not alone. Three other people had their vehicles stolen in a little over an hour.{ }

A Lexus was stolen in a different part of Upper Marlboro. An Acura was stolen in Kettering, and someone swiped a Nissan in Bowie.

In each case the owner had left the car to warm up.

“You would not leave your wallet on the counter in a grocery store, so please don’t leave keys in the ignition while the vehicle is running,” Officer Harry Bond says.

Bond says car theft becomes a huge problem in the winter and it’s sad because it’s so easy not to fall victim.

Damian says he has learned you can never assume your neighborhood is immune to the crime.

“This is not a house, this is a home for me. I’ve been here since 1996. This is what I know and for someone to just steal my personal belongings, something that I worked my hard earned money for, it’s sad.”