Adrian Sclawy stole thousands from WMATA, faces felony theft charge

(WJLA) - Metro has a number of facilities in a massive industrial park in the New Carrollton-Landover area. In one of these buildings, authorities allege that a high-ranking Metro worker, 61-year-old Adrian Sclawy, employed a scheme that made him at least $60,000 richer.

"This started with a tip that WMATA officials got and they began their own internal investigation,” explains John Erzen with the Office of the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney.

Erzen adds that authorities allege that from late 2009 to mid-2013, Sclawy – who manages Metro’s surplus property warehouse – sold a number of expensive items including tractors, a chipper, and a bulldozer.

His alleged ruse? Writing the check to himself.

"This employee was allegedly selling the surplus property and having people bring in money orders where the payee line was left blank saying that he was going to stamp it with a WMATA stamp," says Erzen. "And what he allegedly did instead was write his own name on the payee line and deposit the checks in his personal account."

But the investigation is not over. Authorities say they are still trying, but haven’t yet been able to figure out how an additional $75,000 got into the suspect’s personal bank account.

Sclawy now faces felony theft charges.