Five juveniles arrested after McLean basketball game

Five juveniles arrested after McLean basketball game

Fairfax County Police arrested five people after a unruliness broke out after a McLean High School and Langley High School basketball game, according to Patch.

The event, which took place at a McLean McDonald’s, followed the sporting event and involved over 100 students. Of those students, five were arrested and charged with public drunkenness, McLean Patch reported. Four of the juveniles were arrested at McLean High School, where the game was being held—the other was made at the McDonalds.

“We were outnumbered tremendously. We had three officers available and the crowd was being unduly. It was unsafe situation,” Capt. Daniel Janickey, commander of the McLean Police District, told Patch.

"You had over 100 kids in there (at the McDonald's). They just took the place over. Some were intoxicated. They didn’t listen to management or police. The officers were trying to maintain order," he said, according to Patch.

Both school’s principals were notified of the incident.

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