Fairfax prostitution sting nets 23 arrests

Photo courtesy Cliff1066

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WJLA) -- Falls Church resident Aaran Koutoulakos says the prostitution activity in the area has become so open and frequent around this particular motel near Route 7.

"Falls church is a nice area, and these shopping stores get affected when people are having sexual intercourse in the bathrooms and there are families also in the establishments in there dining," she says. "It's a sketchy little motel, there is all kinds of weird people -- drag queens and all kinds of stuff going on back there."

Eventually, neighboring businesses and residents had to call police in to help. And police answered the call by conducting a big sting operation – not just in Falls Church, but also in Tysons Corner, Herndon, and Springfield.

Residents and businesses and even hotel owners in those areas were also complaining that prostitution had gotten out of control in their neighborhoods.

"If people are complaining that it has gotten that flagrant, then something should be done about it," says Rob Sherman.,

Undercover officers posing as prostitutes went online, logging onto classified websites like They arranged meetings at area hotels with men looking for prostitutes. Once the meetings took place and the men offered money for sex, the arrests were made.

"Sometimes hotels aren't aware these activities are happening in their businesses," explains Fairfax County Police spokesperson, Lucy Caldwell.

The sting netted 23 arrests, and police say they still aren’t through. Arrests were made between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m., and one man was also charged with cocaine possession.