Elderly woman robbed in Southeast

(WJLA) - Marion Ross has been alive since 1933, and this was a first in her lifetime.

On Wednesday in Southeast D.C., while dressed head-to-toe in her white church usher outfit, she got into her Buick to head to a funeral.

“I closed this door and then that door opened -- he was in the window," she described.

Ross said she mistakenly double-clicked her car remote, which had unlocked all of her doors. With her purse on the seat beside her, a thief opened the passenger door.

“Just grabbed so fast, he grabbed the pocketbook fast," she said.

He stole her purse in an instant, and Ross screamed out to her adult son:

“I hopped out and hollered, 'Kirk! Kirk!' He was in the second house there."

Her son went chasing after the bold thief, while Ross tried to run after him as well:

“I tried -- I got out of breath," Ross laughed.

The suspect jumped into a waiting car up the block, and D.C. Police have since released this video of the man they believe was responsible and tried to spend Ross’ hard-earned money.

Longtime neighbors hope is caught soon.