Ebony Johnson cold case: Police renew search for information

Ebony Johnson, a young mother, was killed in a hit-and-run last September.

U.S. Park Police hope their renewed search for information will lead them to the driver wanted for a deadly hit-and-run in Temple Hills last year.

For Alissa Johnson, her young sister’s death is still too real and too hard to explain to her nieces and nephews.

27-year-old Ebony Johnson was killed on September 10 last year when police say she was trying to cross at the intersection of Naylor Road and Suitland Parkway. Park police say a car hit the young mother and the driver never stopped.

“Even if they didn’t know they hit a human, you know you hit something, to stop and see what you hit or was the person even OK,” says Johnson.

A friend was with Ebony at the time and was able to see a little bit of the car. Police say the vehicle is described as a 1996 to 1999 Acura RL. The color is described as a “metallic black pearl.” Police believe the car is missing the ride side mirror and headlight.

“Someone at that time probably came home with damage to their vehicle,” said Detective Michelle Ludwick. “Maybe they confided in somebody that maybe they hit something but they weren’t sure.”

Alissa Johnson is now taking care of her sister’s children. She says not a day goes by that they don’t think of Ebony. The family is asking anyone who many know something to come forward so they can have closure.

“We forgive you and we hope that you can do the right thing so that God can forgive you also,” said Johnson.

A reward is being offered for information that leads to the car or the driver.