Dwight Smith accused of killing Marsha Lee

Dwight Smith

A 24-year-old army soldier who was awarded the purple heart is now behind bars and accused of killing a Delaware.

Court documents say Staff Sgt. Dwight Smith, Jr., confessed to kidnapping and killing 65-year-old Marsha Lee, a woman he had no relationship with, according to news reports.

CNN reports that Lee was run down while walking her dog Monday morning about a block from her Brandywine Hills home. Police say Smith then picked her up and put her in his red hummer. Court records state that Smith “clicked on and wanted to kill someone,” CNN reports.

He told Lee he would take her to the hospital but instead drove her near I-95, killed her and then stripped off her clothes, according to news reports.

The suspect’s father says Smith was awarded the Purple heart after he sustained head trauma in Afghanistan.

"The kid that I sent over there with them is not the man that they sent me back. My thoughts and prayers go out to the other family. Because this is a tragedy for two families," he told CNN.

Other news reports state that Smith’s family blames the family on post-traumatic stress.