Dulles heroin bust: Woman ingested nearly five pounds of heroin pellets, authorities say

Officials say Adebisi ingested nearly five pounds of heroin. (Photo: Customs and Border Protection)

Customs and Border Patrol officials say that a woman who was caught at Washington Dulles International Airport having ingested nearly five pounds worth of heroin pellets represents the largest bust of it's kind in the airport's history.

On March 14, officials say that 52-year-old Bola Adebisi arrived at Dulles from Nigeria on an Ethiopian Airlines flight. During a routine patdown by Customs agents, officials noticed that her stomach was abnormally rigid.

Upon secondary questioning and inspection, Adebisi was unable to give the address, phone number or physical description of a brother she said she was staying with.

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Adebisi was then taken to an area hospital, when an x-ray detected a large amount of abnormal objects in her abdomen, at which point she began passing pellets, authorities say. She remained in the hospital expelling the suspected drugs for about three days.

Once doctors said all 180 pellets were out of Adebisi's body, officials say she had passed 4 pounds 12 ounces worth of heroin. Officials say it had a street value of about $150,000.

The record bust eclipses the previous one set in late March of 2011, when a Nigerian man was caught with just over four pounds of heroin pellets ingested.