Dulles Airport: Arthur Boulette sentenced for taxi bribes

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - The former manager of a fleet of taxis serving Dulles International Airport has been sentenced to a year in prison for taking bribes from cabbies wanting to work at the airport.

Sixty-four-year-old Arthur Boulette of Dunedin, Fla., was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty earlier this year in federal court in Alexandria to accepting $106,000 in bribes from drivers who wanted to work on the potentially lucrative airport routes.

Boulette was general manager overseeing some 700 cabbies for Dulles Taxi Systems, one of three contractors that has a deal with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to operate cabs at Dulles under the Washington Flyer name.

Cabbies looking for assignment to Dulles paid bribes of $2,000 to $7,000.

Boulette said he turned down bribes for years before acquiescing starting in 2009.