Donnie Gallitz, Prince William County teacher, on leave for assault allegations

(WJLA) - At Forest Park High School, students say it’s been the subject of a lot of talk: 41-year-old Donnie Gallitz, the video production teacher and girls’ basketball coach, is currently on leave.

Investigators began looking into allegations that he repeatedly assaulted one of his students, a 17-year-old boy. Gallitz is a 22-year veteran of the school system, and two years ago, even faced charges for assaulting one of the girls on the basketball team he coached. But a judge ruled not to pursue the case.

Afterwards, Gallitz returned to coaching and teaching.

Known to be a popular teacher, he allegedly struck the boy twice and assaulted him a third time as well between November and January. He was charged just Monday.

"He was a good teacher -- I didn't think he would actually do something like that," said Forest Park freshman, Carson Arguin.

Through his attorney, Gallitz has denied the charges.