Dion King catches thief in the act

When Dion King walked out of the Rhode Island Avenue NE McDonald's Father’s Day afternoon, he thought an older man in the parking lot was having a seizure.

But, he quickly realized it was no medical issue.

"He was actually getting mugged," King said.

King said the mugger pinned the victim against his own car and stole money out of his pocket. King immediately sprang into action.

"I took [the suspect’s] arm and put it behind his back and told him, 'Hold tight. You're not going anywhere',” King said. “He said, ‘What are you doing? I didn't do anything.’ I said, ‘Yes you did. You just robbed this gentleman here.’ And the money was in his hand as I took it and put it behind his back."

It turned out the alleged mugger made a really bad choice when he went after the victim while King was nearby – King is a volunteer with the group Guardian Angels, a community safety organization that often hits the streets on patrols.

King added that thanks to his training with the group – and his instincts – he knew just what to do once he’d sized up the situation.

King held onto the man until police arrived and put him under arrest.

On Monday, Commander Andy Solberg with the Metropolitan Police Department’s 5th District thanked both King and the Guardian Angels.

“We want to thank Dion King and all the Guardian Angels who regularly and routinely help patrol the streets and alleys and bike paths of 5D as they assist the 5D community in efforts to create safer neighborhoods,” Solberg wrote.