Digital revenge tips for you and your ex

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Have you ever heard of digital revenge? It usually occurs after a relationship ends badly and when an ex takes to cyberspace to vent their pain and destroy your character in the process.

Unfortunately, in this day and age when passwords, photos and videos are so easily shared with all sorts of people, online attacks have become a valid and growing concern for many people - especially those who have shared private information with a former mate.

• When a relationship ends, change any shared passwords immediately.

• Do not give passwords away early in relationships. It could take years before you truly trust someone enough to share passwords.

• Prevention is key. Turn on password locks for your phone and computer.

• Best advice: don’t share these things.

• Understand that when you text, email or tweet a racy photo, you have no control over future viewers.

• Attempt to reason with your ex. Communicate with them in a calm way about why it is important that these photos and/or videos should be deleted.

• Install tracking software that allows you to erase information remotely in case your phone is stolen or lost.

• Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend about how they handled passwords, social media and other things with their last breakup.

• Never share bank account info or other financial details until you are in a solid, committed relationship.

These tips are pulled from a CNN article titled “How to Protect Your Digital Data from a Vengeful Ex”. You can learn more by clicking here.