Dennis Van Dusen, peeping Tom, faces 18 months

The victims of an admitted peeping Tom are sharing their story.

Montgomery County attorney Dennis Van Dusen was accused of installing a secret camera in a smoke alarm of a room he rented to young women. The victim found it herself after reading an article about hidden cameras. Police then found hours of video of her most private moments on Van Dusen’s computer.

“This was beyond absurd,” she says.

She isn’t the only unwilling actor in Van Dusen’s illicit movies. The 64-year-old lawyer and self-described entrepreneur with advanced degrees from Harvard and Penn State rented several rooms in his Chevy Chase home to young women.

Photos provided by prosecutors show at least two others were taped during intimate encounters. This victim says she now has trouble trusting anyone.

“I was there the longest of the victims and I had no idea,” she says. “It never occurred to me that something like that was going on and I feel very stupid about that.”

Van Dusen pleaded guilty Tuesday to three misdemeanor counts for his actions. Prosecutors told the judge he lured his victims into his illegally-wired home with bargain rents just to take videos.

“This is a modern day peeping Tom that secretly videotaped women in their most private moments,” says Ramone Korionoff, spokesperson for the Montgomery County State's Attorney.

Van Dusen faces a maximum of 18 months for his admitted crimes and his victims are suing for the anguish he caused.

“With technology nowadays this could happen anywhere and everyone should be aware.”