Debbie Lamb gets purse back from accused thief

A Westmoreland County woman became her own action hero after her purse was stolen during a trip to the movies.

Debbie Lamb said she put her purse, which contained credit cards, cash and even the title to her car, in the seat next to her in the Fairfax movie theater.

When the movie ended, she noticed her purse had vanished.

"It was very important. My life was in that purse," Lamb said.

Lamb remembered that inside her purse was her iPhone, which had a tracking app installed on it. She then used the app to track down the alleged thief.

"...the blue circle went away, and my phone was right over top of one house and one house only," Lamb explained.

Lamb said she called police, but area law enforcement couldn't take action without a warrant. So, she took matters into her own hands.

"What is the best way to get a person out of their house at 2 a.m.?," Lamb asked. " I thought well to knock on the door."

Her sister-in-law's cell phone caught the confrontation, with Lamb demanding her purse from the man she claims stole it.

"Yeah, I was scared, scared to death...," Lamb added.

At first, Lamb says, the man refused to give her the purse; when she lied and said police were on their way, he coughed it up.