Daphne Dudley: Hit by boulder, searching for justice

Eight years ago, someone dropped a large boulder from an overpass on I-95 in Spotsylvania county. A couple driving home from their honeymoon was struck by the falling rock. To this day, no one has been arrested.

The woman who nearly lost her life is speaking out about the crime.

“It was unbelievable to me. It was like a story and someone telling you something and you look at it and you don't believe it,” Daphne Dudley said.

Dudley and her then-husband left their honeymoon in Disney World for their home in Rochester, New York in June 2003. In Spotsylvania county, someone pushed a 70-pound boulder off an overpass onto I-95. The rock hit their car.

Doctors didn't think she would survive. The accident broke nearly every bone in her face. Her kidneys and lungs began to fail.

“Because of what I've gone through it’s changed how I was. You never look at someone and say this or that because we all look different,” she said.

Eight years later, she's still going through rehab. “I thought I was ugly and looked at the scars on my face and stuff and I didn't like people telling me what to do and how to do it,” Dudley said.

A week after the accident, her mother and a coworker sought justice.

“I can't imagine you having a conscience to hear my daughter is fighting for her life and you not turn yourself in. I'm praying God torments you and you can't rest,” Wanda Dudley said.

Five weeks later, her then-husband Brian Gipson echoed the call, asking anyone with information about the crime to come forward. “It's the right thing to do,” he said.

Dudley, too, wants police to find the person who did this. “I would like for this to come to justice and for whoever did this just confess,” she said.

Police told ABC7 this investigation is still ongoing, and that they review all files periodically, cross-referencing them with any new leads.