Daniel Milzman, Georgetown student, charged with possessing ricin

(WJLA) - Federal prosecutors have charged a Georgetown University student with possession of a biological toxin.{ }Daniel Milzman, 19, of Bethesda, appeared in U.S. District Court Friday after telling a resident adviser he had manufactured ricin in his McCarthy Hall dorm room.

"Its ridiculous. We get all of this notice for snow when school's canceled for snow," said student Greg Jasami, "but there's a deadly pathogen on campus? No phone call, no text, nothing, so I think the university needs to reevaluate its priorities."

"I just got an email about it. They just said there was something going on in McCarthy. I just heard from other people it was ricin," said Lisette Gabrielle.

Students say what they didn’t know early Tuesday morning was that Milzman allegedly showed his dorm assistant the ricin and then wrapped it up with hockey tape.

"I didn't know, some of us didn't know how deadly ricin can be," said Anthony Jourdan.

Charging documents say Milzman went to American Plant Company and Home Depot and bought Epsom salt, acetone, castor beans, and goggles. He then allegedly extracted 123 milligrams of the deadly powder from the beans. When tested, court papers state it exceeded what the military even considers deadly.

Milzman's parents are both prominent doctors at two of Washington's elite hospitals. Neighbors who knew the 19 year old at his former Bethesda home called him “brilliant,” but implied he's had some problems in the past.

The dorm has since reopened.

Milzman will remain in custody until a bond and detention hearing on Tuesday.