Dana Connor arrested in New York

Dana Connor, known as the Dapper Bandit, was arrested in East New York on Tuesday.{ }

He was wanted for allegedly robbing New York-area banks between September and December of 2010.

He's believed to be from Virginia and he's being dubbed the "Dapper Bandit" because of what he wears when he robs the banks.

The FBI says Connor targeted banks in primo locations: Park Avenue, West 57th and Broadway.

He looks like a well-dressed businessman, wearing a suit and button-down shirt.

They say he walks in, hands the teller a note--and at least one time brandishing a handgun--thenleaves with the loot.

Court records listed Connor living at one point in a neighborhood in Dumfries, but no one ABC7 talked to there recognized him.

The FBI says Connor, a convicted felon with a 20-year rap sheet, is 5-foot-7, 210 pounds and has a tattoo on his chest with the words "Moe Love"'