D.C. Taxicab Commission: 7 taxi drivers arrested for allegedly assaulting passengers

Over the past few weeks, seven D.C. taxi passengers have been attacked in cabs.

And the attacks have been committed by their taxi drivers, according to D.C. Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton,

Linton says seven drivers have been arrested and are waiting for the courts to sort it all out.

Linton has put out a warning, especially to female passengers, to be careful after a string of attacks on cab passengers in the District.

When you hop into a cab, you don't expect it to end with you getting punched in the face--or being dragged out by your ankles.

But that's exactly what has been happening.

It's unclear why the various altercations got started. The commission says six of the seven victims have been women.

"What we're seeing is an increase in physically manhandling their fares," Linton says. "Striking them. Pulling them out of their cabs. One woman was pulled out by her ankles. That driver is under arrest."

But in the meantime, he's warning drivers there will be zero tolerance.

"No passenger should feel threatened and it is the commission's view that those are the conditions under which people will take cabs in this city," Linton says.

In response to this outbreak of violence by drivers, panic buttons will be installed in D.C. cabs by December.