Q Street attacks: Another attack reported near Dupont Circle

Members of the DC Guardian Angels. Photo: Courtesy of DC Guardian Angels

Responding to attacks on three women in two days in the Dupont Circle area, the DC Guardian Angels announced that they’ll patrol the area.

A spokesperson for the group says patrols will hunt for suspects who violently attacked women and robbed them of their cell phones.

"We don't want Dupont Circle to become the criminals' one-stop shop for cell phones this Christmas," the spokesperson says.

They will also hand out fliers with safety tips about using electronic devices in public.

Guardian Angels will be looking for men on bicycles believed to have attacked the women. They will make a citizen arrest if they witness a crime, according to the statement.

Another woman was robbed of her cell phone near Dupont Circle Wednesday night, making it the third incident in two days.

The first two crimes happened on Q St. and the latest happened on P St., NW. But there was one thing different about the latest attack.

“That could have easily been me,” says Margaret Sopher. “The number of times I walk this strip between my home and Whole Foods. That’s just frightening.”

The trendy neighborhood between Dupont and Logan circles is an area where people leave their cars and walk, but now that three women have been attacked on these streets there is a feeling of concern.

Police say a woman was walking last night with her cell phone in hand and two men on bikes rode up behind her and snatched the phone and rode off.

“I was here at 8 o’clock walking down the street,” says Juliette Stoval. “That is frightening for that time of night for those types of things to happen.”

Police say last night’s robbery was very similar to two other thefts Tuesday night. Both of those crimes happened in the 1500 block of Q St. about an hour apart.

In those attacks the victims were beaten and robbed. Sources say the descriptions of the suspects all match.

In each case they were going after women with their cell phones out.

“It’s ridiculous that walking at night with a cell phone has become a dangerous thing,” says Jean Hughes.

“I walk home late at night and I’ve always felt safe in Dupont, but it’s like any city. You’ve got to watch out where you go,” says Rich Loosle.

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