D.C. Police seek to identify man in video related to Relisha Rudd disappearance

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - D.C. police on Friday released a new video in connection with the case of missing 8-year-old girl Relisha Rudd.

The video shows what appears to be an adult black male stepping off an escalator in head-to-toe dark clothing with a hoodie pulled halfway up, though police at this time are declining to give any more details.

"The Metropolitan Police Department is unable at this time to share the location of where this image was taken, as it may negatively impact the investigation," the MPD said in a statement Friday.

Police do say though, that they are seeking to identify the individual so they can talk to him, as he may have information related to Rudd's disappearance.

"The Metropolitan Police Department believes this individual may have information, and we are only seeking to speak with him," the statement stated.

Family members say they don’t recognize him, but they need answers too.

"Who has her? Who's protecting her? Who's looking out for her?" asked Relisha's aunt, Ashley Young.

After scouring over 700 acres, there is still no sign of Relisha – but her family is holding out hope that she is still alive.

"I have a strong beliefs that somebody else has her...I have strong beliefs...but whoever out there has her...if you're scared...drop her off at a hospital..."

Now, police believe the man in this video could help clear up some of the mystery of what happened to Relisha – if they can find him.

Police said anyone who can identify this individual should immediately call police at 202-727-9099 or send an anonymous tip.