D.C. police seek suspect in Safeway parking lot shooting

MPD officers recovering evidence in the Safeway Saturday morning shootout. Photo: ABC7

Sounds of gunfire greeted Saturday morning shoppers at the Northeast Safeway supermarket in the District.

Shortly before 9 a.m. two people opened fire on each other, spraying bullets across the Safeway store parking lot.

“They were returning fire to each other,” Safeway employee Floyd Coleman said today, “Consecutive fire, like it was an automatic, or a machine gun or something like that.”

Shoppers inside were trapped taking cover inside until the gunfire subsided.

No one was injured in the shootout, but many cars caught in the crossfire were damaged, with bullet holes blasted in the windows and sides of the car.

“When I was in the store someone said they heard shots and we ran outside,” a witness said,” and someone shot up the parking lot. I walked up to my car and my car was shot.”

One suspect has been caught, arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, DC Metropolitan police confirm.

But as of this afternoon the other suspect is still on the loose. Police are looking for an African American male, whose age is unknown.

Some in the neighborhood believe the incident was not random and that it had started with an incident between two men last night at a nightclub.

“I was told it happened at a club but it ended up here,” Neighborhood resident Bishop Hargrove said, “to just wind up here in the parking lot of Safeway. It shouldn’t have ever happened. It shouldn’t have come this far.”

Shoppers today were concerned and worried about the safety of their local store.

“I would hope you know that if I’m coming to get groceries I don’t have to worry about getting shot,” Tyler Arnold, who just moved into the neighborhood two months ago, said. “Hopefully it’s a onetime thing.”