D.C. police investigate Chinatown attack

A brutal beating in a busy D.C. neighborhood has police searching for a group of suspects.

The incident was caught on tape, but investigators say the Chinatown assault was so violent they won't release the entire video.

The attack happened around 2 a.m. last month on the corner of 6th and H streets.

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Police say the gang of young men robbed their victims, brutally beat them and walked away.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said, "We need somebody to call us and tell us who these guys are, because we believe they are involved in various cases....they are very violent."

Jeremiah Abu-Bakr comes to Chinatown regularly and says he's seen similar situations, especially in the summertime.

"You see fights constantly, grabbing people's purses, stealing iPods, all those types of things," Abu-Bakr explained.

Those who frequent the area add crime and violence have become an almost nightly occurrence on the buses and at the bus stops that run through the area.

"We won't get on that bus, cuz there are so many crimes...people robbing...they take your money," Kayla Weintraub said.

Police say this particular gang is so violent they want them off the streets immediately.