D.C. church targeted by thieves during choir performance

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – It was the annual holiday benefit concert for the Thomas Circle Singers at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church on Sunday.

But while the group was performing, thieves sneaked into their warm up room in the basement, and stole 15 credit cards as well as several ID’s.

Jillian Laffrey was walking home when her credit card company called.

"I got this call saying, 'Do you authorize this purchase for $400 at a random supermarket," she described.

The choir members later discovered that the thieves had racked up thousands of dollars in charges in just minutes.

"It's incredibly disruptive at the holidays to have to cancel your bank accounts and wait for new cards," said choir president Clark Cheney. "It puts all of your holiday shopping on hold."

The irony is that the concert is actually intended to raise money for those in need. Unfortunately, sexton Glenn Ralph says that this isn't the first time the church has been hit:

"It appeared to be the same people that had been hitting several businesses...'Politics and Prose,' other churches along this corridor..."

The church has reportedly spent a lot of money putting up cameras at the entrances in order to protect its patrons, but thieves apparently still managed to get away with this robbery.