D.C. 'bump-and-run' carjackers caught on surveillance video

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It’s a first look at a group of men that D.C. Police believe have been carjacking residents and workers for weeks.

The target? Well, the majority of victims have been women driving alone in high-end cars in the city between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

The method? The men will bump into the back of your car, you get out, and then they jump in to steal your vehicle.

“A lady was carjacked right there?!” exclaims gas station customer, Alicia Booth. “That freaks me out and something needs to be done about it."

Just last Friday, a group of men in a black Mercedes pulled up to the Sunoco on Pennsylvania Avenue near the U.S. Capitol. What you cannot see off-camera is the passenger seat – one of the suspects jumps into the driver’s seat, and then the driver’s fiancé who was inside the station runs out and tries to pull him out.

According to the police report, that’s when the woman heard another suspect say: “Shoot him!”

A grey-hooded carjacker ran up and pulled out a gun while the man and the carjacker continued to struggle with each other. But when the victim used the suspect as cover to avoid being shot, the three men and their driver all took off.

“Now that you brought it to my attention that it is steadily happening, I certainly will be more aware of my surroundings,” says another gas station customer, Richard Mason.

Immediately following this frightening ordeal at the gas station, police say the men drove only a few blocks to Elliott Hine Middle School and “tapped the rear” of an employee’s Infiniti as she was arriving alone to work. She told police that when she got out of her car to inspect the damage, one of men said “it wasn’t that bad,” while another apologized – before jumping in her car and taking off.

And she was just one of six victims in the past two weeks.

"Oh my God, that is very scary,” says Booth. “You know, because I have my son with me and I wouldn't want anyone to carjack me."