Craig Soderberg charged with embezzlement, 1200 laptops removed from his home

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WJLA) - According to Fairfax County school records, 60-year-old Craig Soderberg of Alexandria was trusted for more than a decade with managing the school system’s warehouse in Springfield.

The warehouse serves as the distribution point of supplies, but school officials say that in June, they launched an internal investigation relating to Soderberg. Then in October, the case was handed over to Fairfax County Police.

Last Thursday, police reportedly walked out of Soderberg’s Alexandria home with more than 1,200 laptops. They allege that Soderberg removed laptops from the warehouse, refurbished them, and then sold them on eBay.

"To sell it back on eBay -- that's horrible," says Fairfax parent, Sarah Doster.

Fairfax County residents are all too familiar with the school system’s budget woes, and are reacting with disgust to the allegations.

"We already have to help out the school system by buying things for the children and the teachers, and then to have somebody do that, that's heartless to me," says Doster.

"It's good that he got caught taking from the kids -- that's just terrible," adds parent Antoine Shuler.{}

Police aren’t saying how long Soderberg profited from selling the county’s property. But we did find an eBay account used by Craig Soderberg that sold laptops and computer accessories. It opened in 2003 and has received glowing reviews from customers.