Couple beaten and robbed at NW market, husband dead from injuries

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - In the chilling surveillance video, watch two men rush in and catch the store owners off guard during a robbery at a Northwest neighborhood corner store.

This Fourth of July attack targeted a husband-and-wife couple, and when the wife cried out in protest, one man – according to the police report – pulled out a silver handgun and pointed it at her.

She told police she was nervous and could not unlock the register – which is when one of the armed men struck her in the forehead with an unknown object, knocking her to the ground.

What you cannot see in the video is what happened to her husband. The report details that he yelled, “Okay, okay! We give money!” before retrieving $3,000 out of the register. Even though the thieves had what they wanted, one of them still struck him in the head with his handgun, and he fell to the floor, unconscious.

The head injury proved fatal, and 76-year-old James Oh was taken off of life support on Tuesday with his wife by his side.

ABC 7 witnessed the shock firsthand as news of the deadly crime spread.

"I can't believe it...Oh my God, really? He was so nice," says customer Gloria Polack.

The news has hit this community hard, as the Gold Corner Grocery and Deli on Colorado Avenue has been a fixture here – along with the beloved couple.

The suspects were reportedly wearing masks, but police say their getaway car was a stolen black Jeep Cherokee with D.C. license plate: DP 6033.

"We're hoping that somebody saw these guys driving around without their masks on before or after, or heard them talk about it," says CMDR George Kucik with the D.C. Police.