Couple attacked by four men over a taxi after Van Halen concert

Brian Bradley, 40, of Arlington.

This week's Van Halen concert turned violent for a local couple. Now one man faces some serious charges.

This all unfolded Wednesday night just outside the Verizon Center, leaving a woman seriously hurt.

It all happened over a taxi. One couple hails a cab. Police say a group of men try to take the taxi and that's when they say the attack began.

When the packed crowd at Wednesday night's poured out into the streets around 11 p.m., sources say 40 year old Brian Bradley of Arlington and three others beat up a married couple over a taxi cab.

Sources say Bradley left the woman with a fractured skull.

"When he struck her, she lost semi consciousness and it violently whipped her back, therefore causing the back of her head to strike the pavement," says Lt. William FitzGerald of the Metropolitan Police Department.

Bradley would not speak with ABC7 on camera. He was charged in court today on aggravated assault charges, but was released on bond.

It happened two blocks from the concert at 6th and I Streets. Police say a married couple hailed a cab when Bradley and three other men yelled it was their cab.

According to court documents, Bradley and his group pushed the husband around and then punched him. When the husband stood back up, the group starting pushing him again and told the husband to "take your beating like a man you fat bastard."

When the husband started to call police all of the men walked away except Bradley who police say swung at the husband, but struck the wife instead knocking her to the ground.

Sources say her skull hit the sidewalk and cracked. She was rushed to GW hospital where they say she was kept in intensive care.

Police sources say Bradley's punch could have killed her....all over a taxi.

The husband who was attacked told ABC7 they are okay but they could not make any comments.

Detectives say they hope someone from the huge crowd at the concert saw the three other men who are still on the loose.