Columbia Heights man victim of package theft

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - This is what it looked like outside Adrian Dungan's basement apartment last Friday afternoon, when his camera captured two suspects rifling through a box that had just been delivered to his door.

"I was actually working from home for the government when it happened, but I just didn't hear it," he explains.

Dungan says the men stole a hard drive, but left behind a far less pricey picture frame. It is unclear whether they realized they were being captured on camera.

"I had three bikes stolen out here -- that was the motivation behind getting a camera,” he says. After Dungan noticed someone was wrong once again, he checked the video and couldn't believe his eyes:

"I just thought, 'you're too old to be doing this,' I don't know. They just looked like nice, older, reasonable gentleman, and I was surprised. I thought it would be younger kids that had nothing to do."

Dungan says he has heard a lot of complaints here in Columbia Heights as well as in neighboring Petworth about package theft.

"Obviously it's unfortunate that people take things that don't belong to them, but it is part of living in a big city," he says.

But there are still ways to fight back.

"That's why I put in the video camera, and I hope this will deter them in the future and maybe catch these guys."