Cold weather draws car thieves in PG. County

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) - Last week, police in Prince George's County police investigated four stolen cars in one morning. The thefts all took place after the owners started them and then left them to warm up.

On Tuesday, it happened again.

In the morning, two more cars were stolen in the Kettering area, and two others were taken from homes with Bowie addresses.

Beulah Ade of Bowie was one of the victims. She says her husband started the car and then walked back into the family's townhome to say goodbye. When he went back outside, the car was gone.

"It was so fast," Ade said. "And I really think it was somebody who was monitoring [us] because it was so fast. It was less than two minutes, and the car was gone."

Prince George's County Police say that not only is abandoning your car to let it warm up a bad idea, it's against the law. They say if you do it, you could receive a $70 ticket and one point on your license.

Police also say that thieves see cold weather as an opportunity since they know many residents warm up their cars.

"It's definitely a crime of opportunity," said Officer Nicole Hubbard. "We're definitely urging our citizens to please not leave their cars running and unattended."