Clay Wills' grandmother 'in shock' after fatal street racing

A 22-year-old man was killed October 19th in a collision with a Metrobus in the Seat Pleasant area of Prince George's County.

Montgomery County Police are investigating two weekend crashes with one thing in common. They believe in both accidents the drivers were street racing. The first happened Friday night and left one of the drivers dead. In the second incident, police are still looking for the driver who struck and hit a pedestrian in Adelphi.

What stands out about both is that they happened at sites not known for drag racing, like at the intersection of University Blvd. and Riggs Rd. It’s a cautionary tale of two young fathers, one fighting for his life, the other dead.

“I haven’t slept,” says Waveney Blackman. “I’m in shock.”

A grieving grandmother is mourning the loss of 22-year-old Clay Wills, a father of two.

“He was my friend, my confident, my only grandson. Nobody could replace this hole, this pain in my heart,” she says.

Prince George’s County Police say Wills and another driver were street racing around 9:30 Friday night on Central Ave. Wills died when his car crashed into a Metrobus.

On Saturday around 3 p.m., witnesses tell police two cars sitting at the light at the intersection of Riggs Rd. and University Blvd. revved their engines and then took off going east on University. One struck and critically injured a 21-year-old man as he tried to cross the street.

“They think this is the Beltway or something,” says Marvin Palma, a friend. “Do you know how many kids and people walk here? It’s dangerous and they don’t care about anybody. People think it’s a game. Losing a brother, it ain’t no game.”

Blackman says she raised her grandson from a baby. She never knew him to race, but if that’s the case, she says, “I hope every young person out there learns, do not race. It’s not worth it to prove anything.”

Police are still looking for the street car that hit the pedestrian and ran. The car is believed to be a gold Honda.

Friends tell ABC7 the pedestrian hit is in a coma and has a four-year-old son. He was working to send money home to his family in Honduras.