Chavez Myers pleads guilty to fatally stabbing Olijawon Griffin

A teenager is the latest to plead guilty to fatally stabbing another teenager at the Woodley Park Metro station last November.

Chavez Myers, 18, pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree murder in the death of Olijawon Griffin, 18.

Five others - Muguan Cawthorne, Deon Jefferson, Gary Maye, Immanuel Swann and Gary Whittacker - have also pleaded guilty to the murder and other related crimes.

Police say Myers and the other defendants were part of a group of nine who conspired in mid-November to commit robberies in the District.

Griffin fell victim to the group twice within hours. Shortly after midnight on Nov. 17, he was attacked and robbed of his iPhone and Helly Hansen coat near an Adams Morgan gas station.

After the robbery, Griffin and two others went to the Woodley Park Metro station to go home, where police say he encountered the group of teens who had just robbed him.

Security footage shows Griffin, who was unarmed, approaching several of the teens to fight, police say. As Griffin exchanged punches, a knife-wielding Myers stabbed Griffin once in the chest while his back was turned.

Myers' plea calls for 30 years in prison. A hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13.