Charles Severance: Efforts intensify to return Severance to Virginia

(WJLA) - Efforts to return Charles Severance to Virginia intensified on Wednesday after the warrant signed by Governor McAuliffe was served in Ohio County in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The warrant stems from a felony gun charge in Loudoun County, where on Wednesday March 12, investigators interviewed Linda Robra. It states:

"Ms. Robra informed law enforcement that she had purchased two .22 caliber firearms for her boyfriend, Mr. Charles Severance."

Severance listed his address as Gala Circle in Ashburn, where no one answered the door on Wednesday. The warrant continues:

"Mr. Severance departed the residence on March 10, 2014 with the firearms and has not returned since."

Three days before that on March 7, Severance unsuccessfully tried to gain asylum at the Russian Embassy in D.C. He was later arrested at this library in Wheeling on March 13.

Once in custody, Severance filled out zeros in a questionnaire when asked about benefits and employment, with the prosecution saying he had no residence available to him.

While arguing that Severance be held without bond, prosecutor Scott Smith claimed that “…the two firearms that are the subject of this charge have not been accounted for…the defendant is being investigated by authorities in Alexandria, Virginia regarding three homicides…”

But Defense Attorney Shayne Welling emphatically responded that Severance had not been charged in the murders of Nancy Dunning, Ron Kirby, and Ruthanne Lodato:

“While abusing authority may be appropriate for the Commonwealth, West Virginia does not sanction the abuse of police powers."