Charles Palmer faces felony charges for severe animal abuse

Photo courtesy of Washington Human Society

(WJLA) - A D.C. man is facing ten animal cruelty charges after allegedly kicking and beating ten dogs, at least three of which died.

Five of the charges 35-year old Charles Palmer is facing are felonies.Palmer was in court on Thursday, and his arraignment is set for Tuesday.

At least some of the abuse allegedly happened at an apartment Palmer lived in on Ames Street Northeast. But he is believed to have moved to several other addresses while the abuse was allegedly going on.

The Washington Humane Society, which runs animal control in D.C., says the charges against Palmer come after a 20-month investigation.

Besides the three dogs that died, five others are unaccounted for, while only two survived. Officials at the Humane Society say it's one of the worst cases of alleged animal abuse they've ever investigated.

But they say there is a silver lining: the two dogs who survived, Roxy and Porter. Both have been adopted and are doing well -- Porter was adopted in April by Julie Conway, who works for the Washington Humane Society as Chief Development Officer.

ABC7 met Porter at the Humane Society's Northwest Washington headquarters Thursday. Although he still has scars, a deformed foot, missing teeth, and other obvious signs of what he's been through, he's now playful and happy.

"They had to do 42 X-rays on him to get a look at everything that was broken inside. They said they'd never seen anything like it," Conway said.

But she says although Porter's body had been repeatedly broken, his spirit wasn't.

"His tail was broken in two places and he wanted to wag it. His jaw was broken and he was trying to lick you through it. I mean this was a dog that loved life," she said.

"This is about the happiest dog I've ever met in my life, and for everything he's been through -- it's unbelievable. He's been a blessing to my life."