Carlton Coltrane, 60, dead after assault at Southeast 7-Eleven

(WJLA) - Barracks Row in Southeast D.C. is often a popular late night destination, but on early Tuesday morning it was the scene of a brutal crime that cost 60-year-old Carlton Coltrane his life.

Now, his neighbors are stunned.

"He was a very peaceable man -- he didn't do anything to offend anyone walking around the neighborhood," said Tim Chamberlain.

Just before 1:00 a.m., Coltrane is seen here on surveillance video making a purchase at the Southeast 7-Eleven. Investigators say the two men who entered the store and stood on either side of him are persons of interest.

The attack is not seen on this tape, but the police report says that as Coltrane turned to leave, two men came up behind him, grabbed him, and dragged him out of the store. They punched him in the face and body before stealing his wallet.

"This is a remarkable, vicious crime," said Chamberlain.

"My heart goes out to him and his family...and I hope they catch the guys who did it," added neighbor Aaron Dorsey.

Many who live in the area tell us that this stretch is not where they would expect this to happen, even though there frequent panhandlers who hang out at the corner of 8th and E Streets.

"But they never seem dangerous," said resident Karen Zens.

Now Coltrane’s neighbors are asking for the public’s help to solve this crime and bring his killers to justice.

"You have to think about if the tables were turned...if it was your relative, you would want an eyewitness to speak up and say something," said Dorsey.