Camp Springs burglars caught on camera during home robbery

(WJLA) - Nobody will accuse this pair of burglars of being criminal masterminds. They casually get out of their stolen, bright red Mini Cooper before one man strolls up to the front door of a home and rings the bell.

His female accomplice joins him on the front porch as he kicks in the door, and their every move is captured by security cameras – which are in plain view.

This one man doesn’t want to give his name, but he and the rest of his family are the victims caught in the middle of this recorded crime. He says the burglars tore up their Camp Springs home, and you can see them later walk out with a 37-inch television set.

Fortunately for police, the cameras were rolling the entire time on these clueless crooks. The pair of thieves has been identified by police as 20-year-old Eric Crews and 23-year-old Shanae Gordon.

Warrants have been issued for their arrest, as they are both the suspects in a series of break-ins in Prince George’s, Fairfax, and Alexandria – where that car was stolen.

In Camp Springs, their alleged victim hopes it will soon be police coming to their door to notify them of an arrest.