Bump-and-run carjacking in NE, woman hit refuses to give up car

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Right next to Wilson J.O. Elementary in Northeast D.C. on Wednesday morning, children were on their way to classes when yet another driver was hit from behind in an intentional ‘bump-and-run’ carjacking. Only this time, neighbors say the woman who was hit, refused to give up her car.

"I heard all this screaming and I realized this wasn't normal kids running to school screaming," said witness Amal Disparte. "The consensus is that she said, 'You messed with the wrong woman this morning, you are not taking my car.' That is what we all heard."

Neighbors say the suspect finally jumped back in his own car and drove off, but a witness tried to chase him. Residents said there were more than a dozen children in the crosswalk at K and 7th Streets in Northeast, but thanks to the alert crossing guard who sprang into action, the kids managed to move out of harm’s way.

The crossing guard also stopped the witness from pursuing the carjacker any further.

"Pat is awesome, and I heard people telling her afterwards that it was great what she did," said another witness.

No one was hurt, and the woman did not lose her car, but police warned that the situation could have turned out very differently and much worse than it actually did.

"I don't know -- I have four kids so I wouldn't trade my life for a car," said a witness.

The scary sequence of events in front of the elementary school is now the latest in an ongoing series of bump-and-run carjackings across the city{ } – where criminals create a rear-ending accident so that victims get out of their cars.

D.C. Police believe all six cases in the last two weeks may be connected.

"We do want people to be cognizant of this going on," said Commander George Kucik. The police department is meeting daily about these and following up on them and the patrol districts are out there."