Bryant McCall sentenced to 30 years for armed robberies

(WJLA) - Exclusive video shows two men smashing a door to burglarize a beauty salon. In another clip, the same two men rush a convenience store, shove a gun in the faces of three victims, and rob them.

“This particular defendant was part of an armed robbery, was part of burglaries,” says Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office.

In a white hoodie and black vest is Bryant McCall, the lookout in multiple burglaries and armed robberies in Montgomery County in the fall of 2012.

Exclusive 911 audio recordings detail the night police chased McCall down Rockville Pike. McCall was going roughly 90 miles per hour the wrong way.

“Anonymous advises two men are entering the store through a window...” can be heard in one of the 911 recordings.

For those crimes, a judge sentenced McCall to 30 years behind bars, a lengthy sentence for a man who is just 30 years old himself.

“This sentence shows that we're serious about cracking down on lookouts,” Korionoff says.

McCall’s girlfriend, Tennille Buie, says she’s heartbroken, saying a rough childhood drove McCall to make mistakes.

“Sad, a little overwhelmed,” she says. “The fact that he received so much time.”

Defense attorney Scott Little says the sentence was disappointing, adding that McCall has been in prison for roughly 18 months. In that time, Little says McCall had made personal progress.

“I thought given those circumstances 30 years is a long time,” Little says. “It’s a long time for anything.”

McCall will likely serve 15 years and will be eligible for unsupervised parole upon release.