Brothers try to swindle 87-year-old Laurel woman out of $3,400

LAUREL, Md. (WJLA) - Theresa Carney is afraid to walk out her front door, after two men, John and Alan Frank, recently knocked on it.

"They were trying to cheat me out of $3,000," Carney explains.

Police say the Franks offered to reseal the 87-year-old's driveway at no cost - but "complimentary" quickly turned into a con.

"$3,400....and I just looked at him," said Carney.

Charging documents for the Franks state "$3,400 was an outlandish price - it was an attempt to take advantage of a vulnerable adult."

Fearing for her safety, Carney drove to a Giant supermarket to withdraw $3,000 from a PNC Bank inside.

A teller noticed something was wrong and dialed 911.

Officers found and soon arrested the Franks while they waited in the grocery store parking lot.

Inside their pickup truck was a service bill with Carney's name on it.

Neighbor Teddy Ertter says the Franks knocked on her door too.

"He said, 'Your gravel looks a little bent and messed up, let me fix it for you,'" she recalls. "And I said 'No, I'm sorry, my uncle's going to do it.'"

"Well, you just feel like you're not safe anymore," Carney says.

Carney says she feels lucky it turned out the way it did, but that she's still scared.

"It's very sad, I'm not used to it," she said.

So, how much should that resealing job have cost? Police say, no more than $500.

The good news here - the 87-year-old grandmother never lost a dime.