Brittany Norwood's lawyers to ask for insanity plea

Brittany Norwood's defense attorney's are going to ask for an insanity plea.

The lawyers representing Brittany Norwood, the woman accused of killing her co-worker in a Bethesda Lululemon store, are likely to plead that she is insane.

The Washington Post reports Norwood's defense attorneys also asked the judge to postpone her October trial so they can further investigate her medical, social and educational background.

This comes as no surprise as lawyers laid the groundwork for a mental health defense earlier this month.

Norwood, who is 29-years-old, is charged with murdering Jayna Murray, 30, inside of a Lululemon Athletica on March 11. Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence without parole.

Norwood initially told police that she and Jayna Murray, 30, were both attacked and sexually assaulted by two masked men who came into the store after closing time on March 11. Authorities later announced that Norwood concocted the story and was responsible for beating Murray to death.