Brittany Norwood indicted

Brittany Norwood, the woman accused of killing a co-worker at the Lululemon store in Bethesda, has been indicted.

A Montgomery County grand jury Thursday indicted Norwood, 28, on one count of murder in the death of Jayna Murray. Murray, 30, was found dead in the store on March 12.

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy also announced Thursday that he would be the lead prosecutor in the case.

The murder of Murray sent shockwaves throughout the nation because of the brutality of the slaying and the twists and turns the case took. When Norwood and Murray were discovered, Norwood told authorities she and the victim had been sexually assaulted by unknown assailants, police said.

Authorities later announced that Norwood concocted the story and was responsible for beating Murray to death.

The struggle between the two women may have lasted more than 20 minutes and the blows to Murray's head were too numerous to count. Her skull was fractured and spinal cord severed by a wound that extended through her neck.

Authorities said that on the day of the slaying, at her manager’s request, Murray looked in Norwood’s personal bag and found stolen merchandise.

One man who knows Norwood’s character well isn’t speaking.

Four years prior to the murder, her former boyfriend, dentist Maury Branch, obtained a restraining order against Norwood. He claimed she stalked him and his then-girlfriend, broke into her home and stole the couples’ cell phones. She also threatened them, he claimed.

Branch said he feared for his safety and Norwood needed anger management and a psychiatric evaluation.