Bowie man fights off armed robbers dressed as FedEx workers

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) - A Bowie resident was able to fight off two armed robbers dressed as FedEx workers, but they're still on the loose.

Police say Richard Peeks was doing yard work at his home on Elkhorn Lane Monday when a man dressed as a FedEx employee approached him and asked for water. When Peeks tried to oblige, he was confronted with a gun.

Peeks' neighbor, Troy Lester, watched the violence unfold from his home.

"I look out the window and I see my neighbor run across the street and he's screaming 'get out of my house!'"

Peeks was in the garage preparing to mow his lawn when Lester saw a delivery man from upstairs.

"I just mainly remember seeing the purple FedEx shirt and the guy with a box," he says.

A second man, also wearing a FedEx shirt, approached.

"When I walked in my garage... they came behind me. One of them put a gun to my head, said 'you know what this is? Close the door.' And at that point my thing was, you know, 'do you want to do this? I'm a cop. You don't want to do this.' Actually, I'm not a cop, but that's the only thing I could think of..." says Peeks.

As the door closed, there was no way for Peeks to flee, so he fought hard.

“He ended up wrestling the guy and taking the gun from him," says Lester.

Peeks was able to escape with the suspect's gun in hand. He used a car across the street as cover, yelling at his attackers to leave. The bandits ran off.

Now police are warning residents to be diligent.

“If a person has a gun on you and it’s just property, give up the property,” says Chief John Nesky of the Bowie Police Department.

The suspects are vaguely described as tall African American men in their late teens to early twenties. Both have slim builds and dread locks. They were seen in a 1990's Honda Accord. Anyone with information should call police.