Blast from suspicious package leaves damage in Northeast

(WJLA) - These are the remnants of a blast that shook nearby homes and rattled resident in Northeast.

"I was sleeping, I heard something go 'boom.' Looked out here, I was scared," said Linda Daniels.

The blast consumed this vehicle and left it badly damaged. At first, neighbors thought kids had started their Fourth of July celebrations early, but when they saw the damage, they wondered.

"Maybe somebody had it out for whoever that was, whoever's car that was," wondered Genevieve Williams.

Investigators found some kind of explosive device underneath the engine of the black Chrysler. They scoured the charred vehicle and swept the neighborhood with K-9 units and bomb technicians.

It turns out the car belongs to a D.C. firefighter, and when we asked him whether he thought he was the victim of a prank or targeted, he shrugged off the question. But his neighbors still are struggling with what awakened them at about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The car was parked right in front of the firefighter’s home, and the house is equipped with surveillance cameras. There is no word yet on whether they might yield some clues.